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All of the reviews on ThePrivacyMachine are brutally honest and based on extensive testing and research.

No paid reviews

ThePrivacyMachine does not do paid reviews.

Many websites are paid to write reviews by the companies/services they are “reviewing”. This can come in many forms, but essentially the product or service is buying a good review.

Unfortunately, this is quite common online in most areas.

With ThePrivacyMachine, all products/services are reviewed independently and we are never paid to conduct a review or test the service.

Complete independence

Another disturbing trend you can see in online media is the tendency for the review website and the products being reviewed to be owned by the same entity.

There are various reports floating around about VPN companies creating or buying out review websites. There is also speculation of VPN review sites having direct ownership of a VPN that they consistently rank higher than others.

Needless to say, ThePrivacyMachine website remains completely independent and has no ownership or financial stake in ANY of the products or services appearing here.

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