Privacy Possum is a new open source browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browser by a former developer of the EFF's Privacy Badger extension. Instead of straight blocking some tracking elements Privacy Possum corrupts the tracking data, making it useless. Its also harder to defend against when they (the trackers) inherently trust that data by default and they cant practically determine it in other ways. Tracking companies, because they are so profitable, have a growing influence on the web and the technologies surrounding it. So aside from how Privacy Badger blocks trackers, this extension hit's em where it hurts, the ole money bags by corrupting data you send.

Tracking happens in the background most of the time; while you may notice that some company must have been tracking you if all sites start to display product ads after you looked at the product on a single site, it is often the case that there is no indicator that you are being tracked by companies.

What Privacy Possum does:

  • blocks cookies that let trackers uniquely identify you across websites
  • blocks refer headers that reveal your browsing location
  • blocks e-tag tracking which leverages browser caching to uniquely identify you, even in incognito mode
  • blocks browser fingerprinting which tracks the inherent uniqueness of you browser

Description of the extension:

The icon reveals how many tracking related elements is blocked and the type of the blocked elements. The interface itself has an on-off switch that you may use to deactivate the extension. Privacy Possum supports white list functionality. It lists blocked elements, e.g. tracking headers or JavaScript files that get loaded in the interface; just click on a checkbox in front of a blocked element to disable the blocking for that particular site.

Does that mean you should remove Privacy Badger and install Privacy Possum?? Maybe.. if you want to stick it to these companies and hurt them financially, then yes you should install PP. I think Privacy Possum is a little better at blocking due to it's nature of falsifying data, but Privacy Badger has shown to be worth while as well, going as far as to remove tracking links in Facebook. Both are fine options to combat tracking/malware/snoopers.

Find out more about Privacy Possum & How PP works and comparison